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Amazon tested it’s own wireless network Inc is said to have tested a new wireless network that will allow its customers connect their devices to the internet. This is according to people who have knowledge on the matter. People who spoke on condition not to be named because the test was private

The question of more money being unleashed into politics

When the Supreme Courts resumes next session, one of the 1st cases it will consider is whether to allow more money into the United States political system. For many people, this may appear like a joke, bearing in mind the fact that over $6 billion was pumped

Reported progress from fire crew against massive fire

Fire officials have reported that the fire crews are advancing against a ranging wildfire in the Yosemite National Park. The wildfire has rained ash in a reservoir that currently serves as the main source of the famous pure drinking water for San Francisco. The fire suppression team’s

Erroneous Computer System Halts Trading Of Nasdaq

An unexpected technological failure in the computer systems apparently brought the Nasdaq to a standstill for around three hours on Thursday. The software error brought the stock orders and the trading to a halt that further brought to light the fragile condition of securities information processor or

Waddell And Reed Makes An Investment Of $11.8 Million In US Grand Prix

Waddell and Reed, the New York based fund manager recently made an investment in the Circuit of Americas. They are said to have plans to float the shares of Formula 1 on the stock exchange of Singapore. The Circuit located in Texas is the home of the

Michael Gove’s Project On School: Hopes To Change The Scenario Of Education

Michael Gove, Education Secretary is going to achieve the top position with the advent of new school term that includes 118 varieties of new schools. According to reliable source, the authentic kaleidoscope of new schools that are reported as school-fund is going to open their doors on

Attorney General Of New York Filed A Suit Against Mr. Trump and His University

In the words of Cohen, the attorney general was annoyed as he came to realize that Mr. Trump along with his several companies have done a lot for him especially regarding fundraising. He further added that the whole process of investigation is politically convinced, which in turn

Ted Sarandos, Executive Of Natflix: Enliven Television

Ted Sarandos declared that Netflix would start producing original shows. This announcement indicates that perhaps Netflix is going to produce the shows, which are already marked with some sign of rejection. However, the scenario has changed since 2011 after Netflix presented the political thriller “House of Cards”

New Economic Data Release Experienced Mixed Views

Two incredibly different scenarios of the condition of the economy, which is revealed this week, influence the key indicator of the US economy. According to the reliable source, the GDP data that was released for the second times on Thursday for the second quarter is predicted to

NSA Spent Hefty Amount Of Money To Fulfill Costs Of Surveillance Program

Government of the United States provided compensation to the companies offering technical services or products especially to those tech companies that enrolled themselves to participate in Prism, the debated spy program arranged by NSA. Reliable source informed that they have come to know the fact from the