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Change Of Chairs Equals Change Of Mindset In The Workplace

For years researchers and analysts have proclaimed the importance and impact of floor plans and layouts on office productivity. Interior designers, particularly those who specialise in commercial and business environments, have read studies and reviewed statistics that recommend an open floor plan over walled offices for teamwork

How To Create A Strategic Business Partnership

Building a proper strategy is the ultimate weapon for a growth in business development. Every business organization plans up a strategy in its run. Here, you can find some strategies that should be advocated in partnership business. Anura Perera Dubai gives some great and effective ideas on

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Vs Lenovo Zuk Z1: Comparison

Lenovo launched the new Zuk Z2 as the successor of the Zuk Z1 in the Chinese market earlier this year. The Lenovo Zuk Z2 is now all braced up to enter the Indian mobile market in this current month of September as per the reports. Reports also

A Financial Advisor Is Not A Registered Investment Advisor

Often a financial advisor is considered to be the same as a registered investment officer, but that is a myth. There are several key differences between these two types of advisors, which is something that needs to be known by the common man, in order to avoid

Solutions For Start-Up Businesses

If you are one of the millions of people who have decided that working for someone else just doesn’t cut it, and are looking to go it alone, there are many things to consider. Once you have decided on your chosen field of commerce, you will need