When asked about the difference between business and home chairs, many of us could come up with convincing answers. We simply answer that business chairs are those that are made for office use and other business-related tasks. This won’t be enough to satisfy our curiosity. Some people argue that there are no significant differences between the two and they are actually two names for the same thing. In reality, there are a few things we should know about business chairs.

4 Differences Between Business And Home Chairs

1. Business chairs are designed specifically for commercial use.

People sit on them more frequently, so they made more durable and stronger that typical chairs. As comparison, people sit on home chairs only during dinner and other occasions. Average people tend to spend more time on the couch or bed when they are at home.

2. Business chairs can be maintained better:

Because commercial-related chairs are typically used for business utilizations, it can be repaired more easily. Some worn components can be replaced by technicians.

3. Business chairs are easier to clean:

While many chairs from home are made from cloth, those made for business usages could be much easier to clean. With some detergents, it should be easy to make chairs in restaurants and lobby sparkling again. Chairs for home usages can be cleaned, but require more time and effort. This is mostly because both types of chairs use different material.

4. Business chairs are made in bulk:

Manufacturers produce commercial chairs in bulk, this could result in lower unit price.

Before choosing the right chairs, it is important for business owners to choose the right supplier. Companies with stronger brand are likely to be able to satisfy requirements of consumers. Local office suppliers should have a catalogue of chairs that can be used for various purposes. For bigger companies, it could be necessary to order thousands of chairs directly from the manufacturer to reduce costs.

Chairs for typical office uses should valued for their comfort and durability, instead of aesthetic designs. Highly ergonomics chairs could directly improve productivity, as people can work longer with their computers. Comfort should be high on the list along with durability. Typical employees may sit on their chairs for 6 to 8 hours every day. They are also more likely to move slightly along their desk while sitting.

Business chairs should also be able to rotate swiftly to ease movements inside cramped cubicles. The combination of movements could eventually wear out components inside the chair.

Manufacturers should be able to provide verified data on how many hours the chair can be used before failure could start to occur. Any damaged components should be replaceable, preferably by office’s own technicians. For this reason, business chairs should be simple enough, while providing the above benefits. Owners of home-based business may often use chairs inside their house for business uses.

Although they could be acceptable for some tasks, rigid home chairs are less flexible and can restrict productivity. It means, small business owners should consider investing for commercial chairs that can help them improve comfort and reduce costs.

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