Your office is the place you and your employees will spend most of your waking hours during the course of an ordinary week. You and your employees need a place to work that is comfortable, stimulating, and importantly, promotes productivity. Whether you’re refitting your current office, or are selecting a new building, designing such a workplace isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it is a very delicate process. Beyond getting help from professional workspace designers, there are some helpful tips that will help you to design an office that promotes productivity, and will be a place that you and your employees can enjoy spending forty hours or more working in each week.

4 Essential Office Design Tips For Melbourne Businesses

Proper Lighting is Essential

Having plenty of light in your office is obviously important to ensure that everyone is able to work quickly and efficiently without straining his or her eyes. However, having artificial lighting is not good enough for most situations. Artificial lighting, particularly in the case of fluorescent bulbs, can cause many of your employees to get headaches or even severe migraines. Natural lighting is the best way to light any environment, so it’s important to let as much external light through as possible, and to allow it to flow through the office. This can be accomplished by using low walls and glass where possible. In addition to the fact that light is important in helping people to work and be comfortable, the proper use of lighting can also help you to promote a productive environment by creating certain moods. Placement of lights and the colours of those lights can contribute to a productive and comfortable atmosphere.


There are many studies that prove that offices that allow employees to see and experience nature show an increased level of productivity. How exactly can you use this to your advantage and that of your employees? For one, if you are moving to a new location, you will want to make sure that your windows allow your employees to see natural items such as trees, grass, or nearby mountains from the windows. This will help them to concentrate, and has also been shown to reduce stress. You could also do this by having a skylight if you’re on the top floor. This will let in sunlight and will allow your employees to see the sky, which is also very beneficial. In addition to using glass to allow your employees to see outside, you can also bring some natural elements into the building.


Ergonomics are important to your productivity, but more importantly, are also integral to the health and wellness of yourself and your employees. You can ensure that ergonomics are a part of your office design in Melbourne in a number of ways. First, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture at your employee’s workstations is ergonomically designed. Be sure to invest in ergonomic desks and chairs to help your employees to be comfortable and avoid common workplace injuries. You may also want to invest in keyboards, mice, monitors, and other accessories that are designed to be comfortable to use.