Just a few years ago strategies that appeared to work then are no longer considered useful for the current market. With every passing day, it is becoming obvious that business owners have to adapt new tactics, if at all they want to step up their game and keep up with the changing times. From how they plan their marketing campaigns down to how wish to implement their plans to achieve sustainable results, many business operators have been forced to abandon old social media concepts and embrace new ideas to elevate their sales. Below are four industry trends that every entrepreneur should observe when creating social media marketing campaigns for the year 2014 and beyond.


The boom of social+video

According to a certain publication presented by a firm named Pew Research, a new finding that reveals how people share and view videos online has emerged. A quick glimpse into the report and your will find that the number of American internet users who post and upload videos has grown from a mere 14% to over 30% in less than 4 years. Additionally, the finding further stated that the number of people who watch and share videos has also increased, thanks to high-tech smartphones that are making the experience both simple and easy for most users.

The search for better analytics

Business owners who take part in different social media training, or hire keynote speakers will increase their chances of creating powerful marketing strategies that increase sales and boost profits. For example; they will take advantage of the many popular analytics tools and use them to gauge the market before making any important decisions. Similarly, with the help of Google analytics coupled with other effective Webmaster tools, they will easily track website activities and use that information to create effective marketing campaigns that works.

Inbound marketing effort will skyrocket

This is a very popular marketing technique considered effective when creating awareness or informing the public concerning a new product that is set to be unveiled. Most organization are already changing their focus from making outbound cold calls when connecting to trying to reach out to their clients to using different online platforms to attract their desired customers. Inbound marketing is governed by two fundamental truths that every entrepreneur should master. One is identifying a suitable online channel and the other is learning how to use that channel to produce results. A few examples may include; sharing content on the different media platforms, posting relevant videos to your niche and creating blog posts on a regular basis.

Marketing that deliver results

A recent finding made public by Adobe revealed that close to over 1000 American marketers expressed concern about whether they were able to reach their clients and how effective were the methods used to make that happen. According to the 1000 marketers who were interviewed during the survey, a large percentage of them concluded that social media is expected to be the next big thing that marketers will use to deliver better results. The argument was that if modern companies would find an effective way to utilize digital marketing, then gaining success on the web would be achievable.


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