In the words of Cohen, the attorney general was annoyed as he came to realize that Mr. Trump along with his several companies have done a lot for him especially regarding fundraising. He further added that the whole process of investigation is politically convinced, which in turn is nothing but tremendous waste of money of the taxpayers.

According to the record of State Board of Elections, Trump has spent approximate $136,000 on campaigns of New York since 2010. On the other hand, in October 2010, he paid $12,500 to Schneiderman while he was going to be the attorney general. It is informed that Trump, an outspoken conservative, flirted himself with the presidential run of the last year.

Eric SchneidermanCohen stated that Donald Trump would not sit back and be forced by anyone even by general attorney. Schneiderman dismissed Trump’s claim of political purpose.

The lawsuit informs that many of the aspirant entrepreneurs were incapable to launch a deal of real estate and were left in a worse condition than that of the past. They even face debt of thousands of dollars as a result of the seminar program once allocated as the top quality university.

It is reported that Schneiderman is litigating the program in case that is handle by the state Supreme Court of Manhattan. In the charge, Trump is being mentioned as the former president of the university as well as the chairperson of the university. He charged them of engaging in deceptive and illegal conduct and persistent fraud and abusing federal law of consumer protection. He requests $40 million and most of the amount would be used to pay compensation to consumers.

Andrew Friedman, the spokesperson of Schneiderman stated that the reality is that he is still brave enough to face the investigation even if it reveals the character of Schneiderman.

Reliable source informed that years ago, officials of State Education Department asked Trump to change the name of his enterprise explaining that it does not meet the criterion and definitions of the university and more than that the enterprise did not hold any proper and legal license. Following that instructions, it was renamed as the Trump Entrepreneur Institutions in 2011. However, several consumers and some civil lawsuits stated that the institution even failed to fulfill their own advertised claims.

It is worth to mention over here that lawsuit of Schneiderman contains all the complaints filed against Trump between 2005 and 2011. It is reported that students spent a huge amount that ranges between $1495 and $35000 in order to learn from the mogul of Manhattan who is the author of “Think Like a Billionaire”, “How to Get Rich?” and the best seller, “ Art of the Deal”.

Schneiderman is of the opinion that the three days seminar was failed to meet the assured claims that is to teach the participants everything related to real estate industry.

The consumers were informed about mentorship of “Trump Elite” that cost $10,000 to $35,000 at the seminars. Students were assured to get individual instructions until they made their first deal. He further added that the seminar was even failed to cancel memberships promptly as promised earlier.