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Finding The Office Design Balance: Stylish Yet Simple

When it comes to office design, less is more: employees should be busy about their work, but a design that’s too busy only adds to the stress of the job. If you want to impress both clients and employees with your office design, they should find a

The Entrepreneur Tech Toolbox

Entrepreneurs lead busy lives. They need a wide range of skills and knowledge to tackle their daily to-do list. This includes a solid communications arsenal, social network profiles, a website and a professional email hosting service with a custom domain. However, these things only form the foundation of an

How To Expand Your Web Design Business

The goal of growing any business is to bring in more revenue and bigger profits. Consider a small mom-and-pop restaurant that decides to begin franchising. The owners spend less time working but earn more money because they’ve stopped making food and started selling their restaurant. This same

The 4 Advantages Of Switching To A Cloud Email System

If you’ve been curious about the cloud, consider email your gateway drug. It’s good enough to get you hooked and wanting more. Technology professionals say outsourcing your business email to remote servers is easy. Its advantages include the ability to grow your overall productivity, reduce your costs and improve

Opening Your First Restaurant

Opening a restaurant requires more than a passion for cooking – or food, in general – and strong business knowledge. While those qualities are important, there are many factors to consider and a lot of preparation to do before you make a serious commitment. Following are just

Should You Outsource Your Servers?

An increasing number of business organizations are carefully reviewing the need to own their own servers under every set of circumstance. Many considerations play into this type of re-evaluation, including recent cloud computing research that predicts an annual global growth rate forecast of 36 percent through 2016. Additionally, the

Common Warehouse Injuries and How To Avoid Them

They say there’s no such thing as being too careful, and when it comes to your warehouse employees, that’s doubly true. As a business owner, you are financially responsible for any injuries your employees suffer on the job, so guarding against common warehouse dangers is important not

Setting Up Your New Restaurant: Thinking Beyond The Menu

With the frequency at which Americans go out to eat, a good restaurant is something that any city or town is ready to embrace. Yet getting one up and running is a tough challenge for any ambitious restaurateur. Certain restaurant myths about the difficulties have circulated for years, but nevertheless

Starting Your Own Microbusiness

Microbusinesses are increasingly common, fueled in a large part by the steady customer base of sites like Etsy and the rebirth of the crafting movement. But, whether you want to set up a résumé business or a necklace shop, the beginning steps are basically the same. 1.

Avoid These Common Data Mistakes

More and more business relevant information is available that can significantly inform your enterprise’s operations so that more effective function is possible. This data is available almost immediately and can be processed as it streams. It can answer vital questions on trending events and give more personalized