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Governor Tom Corbett’s latest pick for education chief had Allentown role, didn’t disclose income

Governor Tim Corbett has nominated Carolyn Dumaresq to head the state education department. Carolyn led the national search team that helped steer the Allentown School Board to choose Gerald Zahorchak as its superintendent in 2010. The catch & the controversies No reference was found about Carolyn Dumaresq’s

Coming in 2020: Cars That Drive Themselves

The ever-advancing and rapidly occurring innovations of technology keep bringing thrill, pleasure and convenience to the common citizen and especially more so to the itching entrepreneurs. The latest news is about what is on store for the automobile world by the year 2020 – cars that may

Miley Cyrus: The latest victim of spotlight at an early age

Being in the spotlight at an early age enjoying (or suffering?) a celebrity   status has its own repercussions. The spotlight has its own way of changing the young celebrity you whether the individual likes it or not. A lot of stars who get involved with the scene

United Nations Divided In Their Opinion About Assad’s Chemical Attack On Syria

Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron chose to keep away from United States’ decision of attacking Syria. In a vote held in the British Parliament, the 285 vote against 272 ruled out any possibility of military intervention by the United Kingdom. The PM said in an

Time For The Feds To Take Control Of The World Finance

History of 1998 is repeating itself in the finance market. As the developing economies are playing bigger roles in global economy, the borrowing cost of the advanced world is showing a downward graph. Burgeoning markets like, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa etc. are more

Blackberry’s Need Of Shifting The Business Strategy From Technology-Led Business

Analysts stated numerous theories to illustrate the reason behind the struggle of Blackberry. According to reliable source, the reason behind the struggle that has led in collapsing can be indicated to how the organization is driven. It is evident that in the present era of technology, the

Several Political Leaders Of Canada Confess Their Past Habit Of Smoking

Reliable sources informed that recently Canadians are getting more information regarding the drug habits of their politicians especially on past marijuana usage. However, experts are of the opinion that the matter did not by any means indicate that personal lives of the elected officials are fair game

Foursquare in talks about strategic investment

Foursquare Labs Inc. has been reported to be holding multiple talks with big technological companies about a probable strategic investment. This is according to some people who have knowledge about the discussions.  People who requested anonymity because the information was not public said that the social media

Economic confidence in Europe surges

The economic confidence in Europe surged to a 2-year high in the month of August, as the recovery of the bloc’s currency increased after it came out of a long recession which set a record. An index for the consumer and executive sentiment rose for the fourth

Companies in a rush to lock web domains after hacking of NYT

Many companies have dodged a huge bullet as they could have gone through a similar fate as Twitter, the Huffington Post and the New York Times, whose domains were interfered with this week by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). Most of the companies took action within 16