About A&W Canada

A&W is a Canadian fast food mainly burger selling restaurant chain. It was founded in 1956 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Initially, A&W was owned by A&W Restaurants, a fast food chain from the United States and then it is sold to Unilever in 1972. After some years, current management of A&W bought this from Unilever. Now this restaurant chain is owned by its management which includes some of its key members David Finnie, Liam Burk, Tristáhn Michél Zabourayn and A&W Trade Marks Inc. Headquarters of A&W is situated in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For any type of business deals or franchisee related queries, contact officials at A&W head office contact number. Various types of food products including hamburgers, onion rings, chicken burgers, hot dogs, sweet potato fries, beverages and a number of more food items are currently served by A&W in Canada. The company plans to expand and have more than 800 restaurants all over the country.

A&W Canada Is Not Just About Burgers

Popular Products of A&W

There are a number of food products available in their restaurants under different categories such as breakfast, burgers, chicken, drinks, sides and chubby chicken. In their breakfast menu, most selling products includes cheese & egg, omelet, hash brown and breakfast wrap. In burgers and chicken categories, all of their hamburgers under are famous. Under chubby chicken category, bone-in chubby chicken and macaroni salad are the most selling items. All the normal beverages and special coffee is also available at their restaurants. Along with these sweet potato fries, apple turnover, russet thick crust fries, onion rings and root beer lollipop are good option to add on with the meal. Ingredients used by A&W in making their products are 100% pure. Beef, chicken and eggs used in the products are brought from their own farmhouses, where the beef and chicken are raised without the use of any type of steroids or hormones. Customer service support is provided A&W to their customers, if any customer is facing issues related to their products, any complaints regarding the staff or other problem, they can contact the concerned department at A&W head office phone number.

History of A&W Canada

During the launch, it was a part of one of the famous fast food restaurants chain A&W Restaurants. A&W Restaurants manages A&W from 1956 to 1972 and then it was sold to Unilever. Unilever holds the ownership till 1995 and replaced the old looking restaurants with a completely new, modern and pastel colored restaurant. After 1995, the senior management bought the ownership of the company and is running successfully till today. Also, the increase in funds of A&W revenue royalties income is listed on Toronto Stock Exchange. The net worth of the company in the year 2016 is $9.4 million. Company is also famous with some other brand names such as Brand of Root Beer and The Burger Family. According to 2016 reports, more than 35,000 employees are working in 850 restaurants of A&W.