When running a business it can sometimes be tricky to keep track of the money you’re paying out. All the little things add up, and things like late fees and VAT can really drain your wallet. It is therefore important that you try and look for the best deals when it comes to office expenses. Here we take a look at some of the vitals and give you a few tips on how to get the most for the cash you pay out.

The Stationary

Stationary as a general has never been too pricey, but the cheaper you go the worse the quality of the purchase. As tempting as it is to get the cheapest of everything it’s always worth trying a few things out to see which one works best for the whole team, even if it is ‘just a stapler’ or ‘only an organiser’. You can also bulk buy many of the stationary you would normally use such as pens and paper as this will work out a lot cheaper in the long run, providing you have space to store it all. The best places to start include Staples, Ryman and The Works.

The Bills

Bills have been taking quite the toll on both businesses and civilians alike in recent years, and finding the best offers is still a pain. Bills come in many forms, but mainly refer to gas, electric, water, internet and phone lines. Many providers can offer you packages that include everything a business could need, but you’ll need to read the terms before committing to anything. New customers can normally get some form of discount but if you already have a provider it might be worth trying to haggle with them for a better cost or a better deal. The best places for utilities are said to be the likes of BT, British Gas and Thames Water.

Business Spending: Things To Keep An Eye On

The Tools

Every business needs tools to function, and the type of tools needed depends on the needs of the business itself. Most offices need scanners, printers and computers but some may need extra gadgets such as graphic tablets or projectors to help the business stay on track. There are many stores that can give you the electronics you need, and it’s always worth looking online to find the best price for certain products. It can also inform you of any special offers, but some may only be for a limited period. Currys and Bennetts are usually pretty good for deals but you might also wish to check Maplin or Target.

The Building

This is probably the worst cost of all as it is always the most expensive. Finding an office that can give you what you need for a price you can smile at is very tricky, but by no means impossible. Most owners are open to lower offers if the first figure doesn’t suit you, or alternatively you can look into getting a serviced office as opposed to buying outright as it works out a bit cheaper. Skyline Offices are great at finding suitable London offices for both small and medium sized businesses.

For more information about running a business and finding great deals why not have a look around online to see if you can save some money or learn a trick or two.