Gaming on mobile phone is an increasingly popular practice. And why would not it be when you are saved from the trouble of using large computers or laptops by simply using your thumb on a portable mobile phone?

Bwin caters your comfort and pleasure by introducing its broad range of services and sports apps on mobile phones. iPhones, android phones and iPads, Bwin sports app is available and easily downloadable on the latest Smartphone technology.

Bwin Sport App Review

Getting Started

You may wonder how to access Bwin’s sport app? Well the app is easily downloadable from iTunes website. In case you are an android user, the app is also available on Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you can easily create an account to enjoy Bwin’s full features such as SMS notifications and poker apps for android mobiles and iPhones. Poker Clock, most popular casino games such as roulette and blackjack can be found easily on this sport app.


The app has a simple yet effective interface which loads quickly to provide you with non-stop gaming and betting experience. You get latest updates on live betting matches, betting trends and also you can place single or multiple bets on Bwin, the world’s largest betting portal.

Once you enter into the world of Bwin, gambling would seem never more real and enjoyable to you as it will be on your Smartphone. Bwin’s interface is such that it intensifies gaming stimulation making it seem more realistic and interactive.

Portable and Stimulating

If you are fond of handball betting, Bwin sport app lets you bet on your favorite sport while providing you with a Paris casino aura along with online tips. All you have to do is to use the tips from the best to make your predictions on meetings and competitions to bet online on the winner or the score at half-time handball matches.

Live and Free of Cost

Moreover, Bwin sport app allows you to access the whole Bwin betting portal that too free of cost. The app comes with Bet Finder feature which allows you to search for sporting events across the world. This feature further searches through the Bwin database to give you a list of all the sporting events happening at the time of the search. Live videos are also available on the app for certain special events.  You can play live betting games no matter where you are. You can also access the customer service of the app which is available via phone between 10.00 and 22.00 GMT+1 during all seven days of the week.


Perhaps, the only flaw with this app is that it is a risk for your privacy. In case you forget logging out from your mobile browser, the app does not log out automatically. Therefore, anyone who uses your mobile phone can easily access your personal details.

However, as a whole, Bwin sport app is everything a sports app should be. It offers you everything; games, betting, casino experience, shopping and more! Download the app to experience for yourself.