If there is one statistic that would lead you to look for a job in Malaysia, it would be this: this is one of the few countries on the planet to have recorded seven percent economic growth per year for 25 years or more (World Bank, Commission on Growth and Development). This activity has been of benefit for almost the entire population as poverty in the nation has been nearly eliminated during that time.

Just a few decades ago, the economy here was dominated by the production of natural resources, especially rubber and tin. But activity is now much more diverse with Malaysia exporting electronic components, appliances, natural gas, palm oil, etc. The nation continued to show remarkable growth even after the major financial problems of the late 1990s, recovering rapidly from the global crisis in 2008 and 2009.

Construction, of Course

Because of this activity, there are plenty of Malaysia construction jobs you may want to look out for. According to the World Bank study, the outlook is still quite favourable for economic growth, which generally translates to construction activity as well as activity in other sectors. Business is diversified here, with demand for products and services from residents of Malaysia growing along with global demand.

Construction Jobs Available In Malaysia’s Growing Economy

Companies will need more production and management working space as global trade grows, which is a positive factor for the construction trades. Government agencies have set realistic targets for financial growth with tax revenue expected to grow through the next few years. The government is also focused on improving social programs to help those in financial difficulty, which should boost public spending and further stimulate economic growth.

Reports also show that Malaysia still has plenty of room for economic growth in spite of its excellent record in the last two or three decades. This is good news for most sectors of the economy, including construction. Business leaders and government officials will concentrate on enhancing productivity, which will increase the need for industrial and commercial space. This means that attractive positions in the building trades and construction industry are available.

Construction Manager

For example, companies are searching for construction managers and project supervisors throughout the country. Positions are added to job search sites on a regular basis with a specific need for planning skills and management skills. Planning engineers and mechanical and quality control supervisors are in particular demand with every position listed as requiring a full-time commitment.

Careers in construction can be quite lucrative in the bustling Malaysian economy. This is especially true for senior management and supervisory positions. These positions can bring annual income ranging from RM100,000 to RM400,000. Your best opportunities may be online at the extensive job search sites. Search using specific keywords for best success. You should be prepared with details and information that so you can narrow the results.

For example, if you’re looking for an entry-level job such as labour, electrician, etc., use those exact words so that you won’t get a long list of managerial positions. If you’re looking for supervisory or management-level work, you should, again, use those words. You can also search by location to further narrow the results.