As it seems that when most people are angered by the Criminal Justice system few fail to see that it is the decisions of the people who make it function. It is our first amendment and constitutional right to petition the government when we feel it is necessary. With that said if we decided that our government no longer functions our needs than why are there few willing to stand up for what is right. There are people every day who complain about their coffee, shopping experience, or horror stories they have endure and in each they always speak to the manager or who ever is in charge. The same can be said about our employers, when we do not like the working conditions then we fight for our rights. Then why can’t we channel this energy into our need to change the government.

Divided as individual we are most likely to fail but united we can overcome any obstacle. I love this country I am proud to be a citizen of this nation. I was also willing to give 4 years of my life in service of my country. I may not agree with our current president but I believe in America and the freedom it creates. If we were in any other country we could not enjoy the same rights as we do. What other country would you rather be in if not this country.

Criminal Justice System: Have They Really Failed Us?

For someone who works within the Criminal Justice system I fully understand the many woes that my fellow neighborhoods do. I also understand that there are certain things that we should not be willing to do like look the other way. The fact of the matter is we have looked away for far too long. I want a new social order away from the corruption that has come to pass. I feel embarrass when I see fellow officer be arrested for brutality and for what. A cop who could not keep his temper in check must give the rest of us a bad name. I do not think so. I think that as much as we wish to blame other people for our faults that reality remains the same… we are human. We are what we are because of the free will we have been granted and the undeniable rights that are protected under the constitution.

I ask you to no longer complain about a broken system that the average American has no information on. Forget the media and how it depicts the system because in reality the media is there to make money, and report what little truth. Ratings do matter ladies and gentlemen and if the media really care they would shine a light on the local politicians and beg for change. Forget that demand for change if we wish to have a better future for our children sake I ask to join me in challenging the local politics. Return the money back into education where it belongs. For every school that closes its doors to the youth another prison our taxes are force to buy. So wouldn’t it be easier to invest in the children so they do not turn to a life a crime. Shouldn’t it be about time to change the corrections system as well so we may be able to truly progress instead of simply digressing.