Sending a fragile package is something that is increasingly common for those who are professionals and work in the eCommerce or logistics sector, as well as for private enthusiasts. Here are some tips to prevent a fragile package from breaking during shipping, especially if we talk about long distances:

Wrap each item separately with protective material such as wrapping paper or bubble wrap (you have them in different sizes), so that the products you are going to order have a proper separation between them and between the top and bottom corners of the box.

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The box where you go to put the material you want to send must also be of quality, not worth sending it in a flimsy cardboard box. This has to be rigid, of a suitable size and that guarantees that the product moves the minimum during its transport. For sending parcel to australia from uk this is the best option that you can have now.

Each item should be well separated from the walls of the container a minimum of about five centimeters filling this space with material that protects it as cardboard or cork. In this way you will get as much shock as possible during the possible blows that you may suffer in the journey.

For international shipments, you always have the possibility of contracting the shipment of fragile packages with a transport agency like ours. This will guarantee the collection and delivery in a maximum of 24 hours. If it is international shipping works the same way but the package will take more time to reach its destination. Remember also to seal the box you send correctly.

The Best Alternative For The Wine Sector

Wine is one of the most exported beverages in our country. The problem is that it is a fragile commodity and that the minimum can be broken by being an annoyance to the person who sent it, to the recipient who arrives and to the messenger. Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself how you can send a box of wine safely to a client or friend without fear of breaking a single bottle. Regarding the cheap international postage this is essential now.

When we have to make a longer shipment, let’s say an international shipment, the best option is to opt for an urgent shipment. This aspect is important to keep in mind especially if your package is fragile if you want it to reach its destination as soon as possible.

It is also important that you have a parcel insurance, especially if you are a store or e-shop and you make many shipments a day. Do not forget to take pictures of your package perfectly packed to cover your back.

The Most Suitable Materials For Packaging

There are many packaging materials but these are the most common:

Bubble paper: It is designed to cushion and stop shocks, especially in packaging equines. Polystyrene balls: Ideal for filling empty spaces. But it should not be used with flat or narrow products. Also keep in mind that polystyrene generates static electricity and can damage electronic products.