The Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablet devices in use through the United Kingdom and in fact throughout the world!

Not only is it a convenient way for people to be able to access the Internet and check their emails without having to lug around a heavy laptop computer, but the App Store boasts hundreds of thousands of apps that can help your employees increase their productivity – which in turn can boost your firm’s efficiency.

If you are still not convinced about the Apple iPad and how it can be of use to your business or organisation, then you should check out these reasons below!

1. They Encourage Productivity

How many times have you seen employees having to wait around for their laptops to boot up, run a virus scan, and then being able to load their most commonly-used applications? This so-called dead time could be better spent doing something more productive apart from making a cup of tea and flirting or joking around with co-workers.

The Apple iPad has a long standby time (up to 10 hours on the latest iPad Air models), which means that they can be used throughout the day without having to be recharged. You could simply charge it up at home in the evening, and because you don’t have to physically turn it off it is “always on” and ready for use!

2. They are Cheaper than Laptops

Spending £700 or so on a business-grade laptop with the latest office software installed and ready to use for each employee can be a big expense to swallow if all they do is use it to email people, write documents, fill in spreadsheets and surf the Web.

The latest iPad Air costs just £399 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, and most apps can be purchased for less than the price of a pint of beer!

Here's Why Your Employees Need Apple iPad Tablets!

3. They are more Secure than Laptops (and other brands of tablet)

Businesses and organisations spend a fortune on having to constantly renew anti-virus software solutions for their computer systems, as well as ensuring that operating systems are updated on virtually a weekly basis to ‘patch’ any security holes.

The Apple iPad, on the other hand, runs each app in its own memory space; this means that even if a malicious app were to somehow get installed on the tablet (which it cannot unless the tablet was purposely jailbroken), it could not interfere with the data stored by other apps.

4. They can be Locked Down

Worried about employees downloading apps or viewing content from the Internet that they shouldn’t be? That’s no problem, because there are a number of ways that iPads can be locked down by IT departments.

5. They are Lightweight

Anyone that has ever used a laptop will know how bulky and cumbersome they can be. The awesome thing about Apple iPads is that they are extremely lightweight and can be easily carried around without giving you arm ache!

6. You can Run your Office from One

If you work in the accounts department of a company, then you can use it to run all sorts of apps for different purposes such as real-time billing, accounts receivable, procurement and payroll.