The hiring and rental purposes of commercial refrigerators are the perfect answer for newly opened businesses as well as large cooperate well-known chains.

The use of commercial refrigerators requires unique conditions and extremely strict criteria in order to carry out the hiring process. This is due to the items themselves being very large and needing the correct safety management when manoeuvring and handling the product. So ensuring you are using experts in this field in essential. There is a wide range of products to choose from for all catering purposes.

Hiring Of Commercial Refrigerators

Second Hand or Part Used Products

If a brand new product isn’t quite what you are looking for there are also many second-hand products on sale, that are in great condition. This also applies to products that are no longer available on the market or have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Some may have minor dents or scratches but will be in good working order. This can be something to consider if starting out a new business or trying to keep the costs down.

Different Types of Equipment

The reliable types of refrigerators ready to hire range from the conventional fridges, freezers or the combination of the two, as well as cool rooms, wine storage solutions and speciality equipment for ice creams and gelato. The scale and size of any of these refrigerators will suit any commercial application. Alongside the refrigerators, food display units, ice machines and cooking and washing equipment are all available to hire. Obtaining all the units you need in bulk is a good idea as installation and delivery then keeps disruption to a minimum.

Rental and Breakdown Cover

When deciding to go ahead with the rental, there are many aspects that need to be ensured before completing the purchase. If the equipment breaks down and needs fixing, or becomes outdated, having a good rental scheme will allow the ability to upgrade to the latest equipment using a flexible payment plan. A manufacturers’ warranty should also be available with the equipment giving another safety net should the equipment become faulty.

Extensive knowledge of the products is required when dealing with large scale equipment, so making use of the staff training on the entire product range will give a sense of clarity once the product is installed. Bromic Rentals refrigeration hire is Australia’s leading commercial refrigeration and catering equipment specialist, the company has a team of expert sales staff that will ensure the correct and ideal combination of equipment that you require.

Finally, a complete breakdown cover is vital. These types of catering equipment undergo hours of stress for long periods of time and will undoubtedly require a high level of maintenance. Having the manufacturer warranty is not always to be relied upon, so an additional breakdown cover may result in the benefits of on-site servicing or replacements within minimal time frames. This helps allow your business to continue as normal without the added stress of being down on equipment for extended lengths of time.