In affiliate marketing, a person promotes vendors’ products and as a result of sale earns a certain percentage of commission. The person can promote products through a website, social media, video sharing sites or any other way. Most common form is creating a site and sending visitor to the vendor site and once the visitor makes a purchase, then the person that send this visitor to the vendor site shall get an affiliate commission.

Example – Let’s look at e-commerce giant known as Amazon. This site has millions of product from all way of life. It offers 4% to 10% commission to people who promote its products. Now you have a chance by creating a website and providing reviews on your site and send visitors from your site to Amazon. If those visitors make any purchase, you will earn affiliate commission.

Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Make Money?

Let’s suppose Amazon offers 10% commission and the price of the product is $200, then from selling one product you will earn $20 commission. If you sell daily one product, then your monthly commission will reach at $600. You can imagine the earning potential as you can create an authority site by selling hundreds of products and calculate how much you will make.

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There are various platforms that you may join and learn this method. You can go to Udemy, YouTube and even Google it to get free tips but in my opinion, Bring the Fresh is one of the best platform out there that will make you an expert in this field. Though it is a paid training, it is much cheaper than any other platforms. If you want to learn more about this site, then read Bring the Fresh Review.

Is Affiliate Marketing the Way to Earn?

Everyone want to make money online, and the reasons are very obvious. Not only you can earn from your home but also it has far more potential than your traditional earnings opportunities.

There are different ways if you want to earn money from home like affiliate marketing, product creation, revenue sharing, pay to click, get paid to, CPA marketing, etc. All models have earning potential, but some are better than the others. I will go for affiliate marketing because of the following obvious reasons:

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Model?

Low Startup Cost – If you want to create your own product then you must have a good budget to do so while in affiliate marketing you can choose best products out there and promote them on your site.

Product Handling Issues – You don’t need any warehousing, shipment and after-sales services because it is the company that is managing such thing. Your task is to send visitors to the vendor site.

High Affiliate Commission – I have seen some vendors who offer about 75% commission on their products. This is true for digital product and the best place to find these products are Clickbank.

There are even other benefits this model offers, but I have mentioned the most obvious ones.In short, if you are looking for online money, whether you are a started or professional, affiliate marketing is the best way to proceed.