Government of the United States provided compensation to the companies offering technical services or products especially to those tech companies that enrolled themselves to participate in Prism, the debated spy program arranged by NSA. Reliable source informed that they have come to know the fact from the confidential national documents of security.

Surveillance ProgramIt is revealed on Friday that the new credentials were accredited to Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor. It is reported that in order to ensure the greatest names on the Internet were maintained complaint with the international surveillance program; the US National Security Agency has paid millions of dollars.

From the discussion of the Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill and the paperwork of Snowden, it is revealed that NSA spent hefty amount on ensuring Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and Google so that they were proficient to share information over the Web with the federal government.

According to MacAskill, the document on the first hand provides the evidence of the relationship based on financial status between the NSA and the tech companies. In order to prove his point, he cited the example of confidential NSA documents from December last year, which revealed that the agency mentioned in a newsletter that they spent millions of dollars in order to keep the popular tech companies cooperating with the government after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court regulated that it was a infringement of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution to gather entirely domestic communications via Prism program.

Problems of last year resulted in various extensions of expiration dates of the certificates that as being informed cost bulky amount for the providers of Prism to execute each of the extension successfully.

Snowden also expressed that several telecommunication organizations and Internet providers join as corporate partners in surveillance programs like Prism that is controlled by the unit Special Source Operations. It is also revealed that Snowden was exasperated the British and the USA governments through a stable stream of classified exposure.

The spokesperson of Yahoo, on the question of latest disclosure, stated that according to the Federal law, the US government requires to refund providers for costs incurred in order to respond to obligatory legal process imposed by government. In addition to this, they also appealed for compensation consistent with this law.

It is interesting to note that Facebook denied the allegation that they have received any type of reimburse from government of the USA in order to facilitate the flow of data. On the other hand, the representative of Google informed that they are eagerly waiting for the response of the US government on their appeal to allow them to publish more data on national security that would prove that their compliance with national security laws of America is entirely wrong as being recently revealed from a source.

It is noteworthy to mention over here that after discovering the fact the Snowden discloses the confidential documents publicly, lawmakers of the country and abroad have debated whether the confidential surveillance program like Prism strike appropriate balance between security and privacy. The latest report reveals that the federal government is spending millions of dollars to discover the way that that would maintain those companies to collect data only and enable to invade the confidentiality of those outside the nation.