Once upon a time, long, long ago we used to watch programs and movies that are broadcasted by some of the television channels. Those televisions do not have a remote to change the channels if we are bored of watching the channels that do not create interest in us. So, we used to go to the television set and then change the channel by scanning for some other channel. As technology went on developing and kept on improving from day to day, the television sets are powered by some remotes, so that the user no needs to go to the television set to scan for a specified channel. All that the user need to do is click a button on the remote to change the channel from the place where the user is. Similarly as the technology kept on improving, now we are able to watch particular movies by swiping from some gadget to the television to see the picture in a big screen. Now-a-days there are types of television sets such as LED, LCD, Home Theater screens, Plasma in almost all types of electronic brands. Hence, they have got more demand.

Remote Application For Microsoft Desktops

So, as said that the technology kept on increasing the same remote is developed for the computers to perform operations on your personal computers from a particular place in your home with your smartphone devices. It would be much and more clearly visible if the size of your desktop is little bigger than a normal screen. So, the point arises here. How can you operate a desktop computer with the help of a remote? The answer is very simple. it is with the help of a remote application which is built for smartphone devices that run with the iOS and Android operating system except Windows smartphone. It is strange to hear that a Windows computer cannot be operable with a Windows smartphone, this is all because there are scarcity of applications in the Windows smartphone and the applications are yet to be developed in the Windows operating system. This application would be great to see and use if the Microsoft built this feature right from the installation of the Windows operating system. The newly released Windows 8.1 which is an automatic upgrade for the Windows operating system from 8.0 to 8.1 have this inbuilt remote application feature same as that of the Apple features for up-gradation .

There are many pretty things to do using the remote application on your personal computer directly. The users can control the mouse, keyboard, swipe the start screen all around with the icons and the stuff, because, Windows 8 is all about swiping the desktop windows. We can use this remote application as a track pad, add all the personal stuff and application with ease. So, to try this application search for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, install them on your particular smartphones and make the most fun of it.