Reliable sources informed that recently Canadians are getting more information regarding the drug habits of their politicians especially on past marijuana usage. However, experts are of the opinion that the matter did not by any means indicate that personal lives of the elected officials are fair game in personal arena.

In an interview Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader revealed that it was almost three years ago he had smoked marijuana. After being elected as an MP, he had consumed marijuana a handful of times in his life.

Political Leaders Of Canada Confess Their Past Habit Of SmokingThis account of Trudeau inspired the reporters to ask the same question to other politicians, especially to the elected ones. Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter informed that he had tried when he was a student of the university. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made headlines for their statements that revealed that they had consumed marijuana in the past.

In the words of former NDP strategist and the communication specialist, Ian Capstick, accounting on Canada’s elected official’s personal lives are uncommon incidents in comparison to that of several other western countries that include Britain and the United States. According to reliable source, he further added that their media are not interested to interfere in the personal lives of the leaders. They also do not follow the puritanical worldview of the United States. Moreover, Canadians lack the tendency of viewing the details of sexual affairs of the leaders on screens or on the newspaper.

However, it is worth to mention over here that the issue regarding the use of marijuana is an exception to the rule. Experts opined that the reason behind this is the changing attitude of people towards its usage. Forum Research released a poll on Saturday that revealed that numerous natives of Canada support the reformation of federal marijuana laws. It is notable that almost 69% of respondents indicate that they support either the legalization as long as it is taxed or decriminalization for small accounts of marijuana.

Nearly 63% of people stated that confession of Trudeau would not impact on their voting. 14% of people admit that they would more likely to vote Liberal while 21% remarked that they are less likely.

Jaime Watt, executive chairman of Navigator, a political communications firm, in a statement informed that the thing that changes is the influence of the baby boom. Most of the people are now agreed with the fact that there is no offence to smoke marijuana occasionally.

According to sources, in spite of change in social mores, most of the politicians are less cautious about admitting the truth on personal issue that is now part of the mainstream. President and CEO of communications firm Aurora Strategy Group, Marcel Wieder, expressed that it is pretty fair idea to inquire of the politicians whether they have used recreational, or drugs ever.

He also opined that the politicians should answer the questions related to their personal life honestly as in the age of advanced technology it is quite easy to find a lie. Moreover, he believes that people tend to be forgiving in case the leader admit their mistakes but if they want to hide the fact they would face more troubles in future.