This is one question which will have different answers for everyone. Several factors have to be considered before arriving at a firm decision, such as the budget of the buyer, the property size, the location, the type of property as in whether it’s a new one or a resale property. You can consult a pre leased property consultant in Ghaziabad and get the adequate information for properties in Ghaziabad.

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So, the best way to determine what should be done is to go through the pros and cons of both these alternatives, thereby making the final answer subjective.

Advantages Of Buying A Home

– the lifelong benefits of security, equity and potential growth in personal wealth.

– profit earned in the resale of the property.

– now that the property is yours, you have the legal freedom of designing and modifying it as per your needs and style.

– Most likable option your property provides you with is that you can rent it. And that’s how you generate a source of your second income!

– You’re likely to save money in the long term with the deduction in taxes related to income-generating properties.

– Also, you can refinance your bond amount whenever you need money.

Disadvantages Of Buying A Home

– You must bear certain financial responsibilities like timely repayments and regular maintenance of the property.

– Along with that, you’ll have to pay a few additional costs which include rates, taxes, insurance.

– There are fair chances of not making any profit through resale in the occurrence of a recession or an increase in the rate of interests. So if you’re an investor, you got to do your homework well and be prepared for such changes.

– Lastly, a homeowner can’t shift so much, in comparison to tenants and your home becomes your worry factor in a way.

Pros Of Renting A Home

 – Renting a property allows more flexibility and no commitments than owning a home, ideal for those facing frequent job relocation.

– It’s more affordable and there can be times when you’re staying in classier areas as a tenant.

– Moving out is easier for a Tenants who have no responsibilities associated with the property after they leave.

– As a tenant, you only need to buy insurance for your stuff inside the house which is much cheaper than the home insurance.

– Tenants can save up the money left after paying the rent and use it for multiplying the same.

Cons Of Taking A Home On Rent

– Bound by the rules, a tenant has no freedom to make modifications inside the house. And of course, if there is an urgency to do so, then the Homeowner will have the final word.

– There can often be third party involvements of property agents making you spend extra on just getting a place.

– The home will never be yours when you are a tenant and there will always be limitations and legal rules for you, no matter how long you stay.

– Moreover, you must comply with the alterations in the rent as per the current trends and owner’s comfort.

Suit yourself as per this information and then look for a property for sale in Ghaziabad India.