Solar powered devices have now become a reality and can be installed in houses to power everyday devices as well complicated systems such as lighting and heating inside the house. It has now become possible to buy online solar shopping in India with a variety of products such as solar cells, solar garden lights, and solar lamp lights at best affordable prices. Renewable power sources have become the need of the hour with the rapid depletion of resources that the world is facing today.

Solar products online

There are many ways to incorporate solar power to gradually replace devices powered by conventional resources in the house. Installation of components may be a tedious task, but it is a long term investment for a solution that makes the world a better place.

Solar Powered Solutions

  • Ventilation– Bath fans, ceiling fans, and floor fans can be driven by solar energy. Comfort, moisture and odour control is provided by fans inside the house and there can be some major cuts in utility bills if solar powered fans are installed.
  • Water Heating– Conventional water heaters and gas heaters can be replaced by solar powered heaters to heat water. Solar products onlinecontain many solar water heaters that are manufactured by revered and trusted companies. Questions regarding installation of all the pieces and the cost of those pieces arise in the minds of numerous consumers, which makes them back out from solar installations. However, these installations are just like replacing old water heaters, furnaces, or air conditioning units and the efficiency of these gadgets increases by 15-30%.
  • Heating within the house– Hot water heat can be used to heat up the house, where sun-heated tubes of water can be installed on the roof of the house. These tubes also provide water heating which can be used for bathing purposes. Another idea makes use of a glass sunroom which is made up of glass. A transparent covering in the room called the collector can collect solar energy which can be used after sundown. This stored up energy is very useful to power batteries.
  • Power Pumps– The water that is circulated around the house has to be pumped. The pump can be connected to a solar powered DC motor that helps in minimizing energy use and cost further. A solar battery charger can be used to create a second power source for the pump after sun down.
  • Indoor Lighting– The advancement of technology has enabled the use of LED lighting within the confines of the house. LED lights run on a battery powered system that is charged by sunlight during the day and stored back up energy supply during the night. This back up battery is also charged by the sun during the day. Thus, optimal lighting is available through minimal power consumption.
  • Outdoor Lighting– Many customers require outdoor lighting for security purposes. They require adequate lighting in their walkway areas with a clear view of keys and the entrance door. The outdoor lighting system can be solar battery powered. There may be an initial cost, but the lighting can become free after a while. This idea can also be used for beautiful landscape lighting.