Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Mobile devices are outpacing personal computers (PCs), the latter being technology that many people once thought they couldn’t work, learn, search or shop without. Furthermore, “The mobile revolution has reached another milestone: Consumers now spend more time interacting with online retailers on smartphones and tablets than they do on desktops and laptops,” according toInternet Retailer.


Comscore is reported as stating that, “55% of all time spent with online retail in June 2013 occurred on a mobile device, finds web and mobile measurement firm comScore. 45% occurred on desktops and laptops. Specifically, smartphones accounted for 44% of retail Internet minutes while tablets accounted for 11%.”

Like it or not, the path to online SEO marketing success as a small or midsize business owner goes through mobile devices today. Content at your website and social media sites must be focused, high quality and deliver the information members of your target audience want. Why? Mobile users are in the habit of purchasing a product or service within an hour.

In fact, 55% of mobile users want to make a purchase within an hour of conducting research on a product or service, according to Search Engine Watch.  As many as 83% of mobile users want to make a purchase within 24 hours of conducting the research.


Gone are the days when SEO marketing was limited to adding researched keywords to website content and blog posts. The best content won’t attract enough consumers if your small or midsize business website downloads slowly, doesn’t show up well on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and isn’t easy to navigate.

While developing SEO marketing content and strategies for your business, it’s important to gain traction with local consumers. After all, Google has stated that 69% of people who use mobile devices said they want a brick and mortar business to be within five miles of them. Going back to the desire to purchase within a day or less, being local is a win.

Building local SEO marketing traction comes in the formsof  local directory listings, local Google profiles and adding local maps to your social media and business websites so area residents can find your company easily. Clean design, voice search tools and connecting with online users in a conversational tone are other tactics that can help you build local SEO marketing traction.

When using keyword phrases use them in context to local events, concerns, challenges and achievements. If you’re a business owner who grew up in the area where you conduct business, this might be fairly easy. It also might be easier to come across sincerely, a real plus when communicating with online users, people you generally cannot see or hear as they do business with you.

After you get these and other steps down, it’s time to start keeping pace with the rapid speed changes that continue to impact the online business community. Finding the time to stay aware of changes to digital media and marketing strategies could prove challenging in itself which is a reason some business owners are reaching out to marketing specialists, letting them do this and other SEO marketing work on their behalf.

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