Ted Sarandos declared that Netflix would start producing original shows. This announcement indicates that perhaps Netflix is going to produce the shows, which are already marked with some sign of rejection.

However, the scenario has changed since 2011 after Netflix presented the political thriller “House of Cards” from director David Fincher’s “Fight Club” and “the Social Network.”

Enliven TelevisionThis summer Netflix received further validation with 14 nominations for Emmy none of which are ever telecast on TV. It is noteworthy that nine of the nominations are for “House of Cards”, two for the series of horror that include “Hemlock Grove” and three of which is for the comedy “Arrested Development”.

Sarandos is the person who serves as the chief content officer of Netflix and performs variety of duties including Netflix’s transformation from DVD by mail service to Internet TV network.

It is notable that some of his early accomplishments were less visible to consumers. He signed a deal with TV networks that allow broadcasting the show in the TV only after the successful completion of Netflix’s season that change the scenario entirely. Previously, in order to reach syndication, the authority has to wait four years. this approach introduce new viewers to shows like AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and influence ratings when in the new season it returned to prime time. This brings fresh life into high costly TV dramas that were threatened by audience attrition and declining DVD sales.

Sarandos also introduce Netflix into original programming. He played a vital role in the transformation of the TV and also banked almost $2 billion as an annual content budget.

Norman Lear, creator of “All in the Family” informed that Ted is quite practical and realistic. He also informed that the combination of his personality is really rare.

Sarandos, the 49-year-aged guy and his wife has arranged a birthday party in order to celebrate the 87th birthday of Tony Bennett in the lantern-lit backyard of their $5million home located in Beverly Hills Home. some of the guests invited and attended the party include Vince Vaughn, Sidney Poiter, Will Arnett, Queen Latifah, Will Arnett, and Nancy Pelosi, Leader of House Minority.

In the previous year, Sarandos and Avant, former ambassador of the US to Bahamas, hosted a fundraiser for President Barack Obama, in which Michelle Obama, the First Lady of America is the center of attraction.

In the words of Sarandos, he was aware of the fact that stake were high in terms of the size of the challenge. However, he believes that television will be the most on-demand and delivered object. The fact is that someone would have to take the charge. If it happened then it would be something that is better than anything on TV.

In order to find the proper number of viewers of political thriller or some of the director’s presentations, Ted Sarandos reviewed the Netflix data minutely.

Fincher opined that if someone seeks to offer you something that is exactly you are looking for, you just need to gather the courage to accept the proposal. Sarandos is perhaps the most suitable one identifies his want. He stated that he is one who knows how to handle a project.