No matter what kind of business you currently run, there’s going to be a time in the future when you need to pitch ideas to investors or obtain new contracts through the same means, so it’s vital you spend time honing your technique and ensuring you always achieve the best results. To do this, you could spend weeks reading detailed books on the subject or you could simply scan through the rest of this article and learn from someone who’s been there many times before. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably other people in the world who would be able to give you more detailed advice, but I’m confident the information below in the post will be extremely useful to you.

So, if you want to become the best at what you do and always obtain the most positive results when pitching ideas or products to investors, give me your attention for the next few minutes, and I’ll do my best to offer a helping hand.

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Successful Investment Pitches & Sales Presentations

Know What You’re Talking About

This is obviously the most important step to creating your pitch or presentation, but it’s also the most vital element to getting the response you require. You see; any potential investor is going to spend time asking questions after your pitch is over, and if you’re unable to answer them quickly and confidently, they’ll be more inclined to turn you down. Make sure you understand the numbers and have all the information on hand to give to any interested parties. It’s probably a good idea to create a brief information booklet and employ a specialist photocopying firm to produce them to a high standard. I think we can do a little better than basic black and white pages at this day in age.

Always Look Presentable & Smell Good

There’s a lot to be said for first impressions, and so you’ll want to ensure you get a haircut a few days before your big presentation and wear the most expensive suit in your wardrobe. Also, aftershave and perfume can help to win people over, even if they’re of the same sex, as this shows them (albeit subconsciously) that you pay great attention to detail and care about the little things. Shoes are also important because having shining black leather suggests you’re not scared of getting your hands dirty.

Try To Smile & Be Positive

Pitching to investors can be very stressful, but you never want to let them know you’re nervous, which is why smiling and keeping a positive outlook even when they’re putting you down is a wise move. Hopefully, if you’ve done enough research and you’ve prepared well enough, they’ll be smiling with you anyway. Also, you might find it useful if you have a well-turned-out assistant with you to hand out any promotional materials you may have whilst you’re talking. This will create a professional atmosphere in the room and should make any investors take you a little more seriously.

At the end of the day, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but having the right attitude and methods can help these instances learn towards the former. So, now you’ve read through this post and heard all my suggestions, I sincerely hope you managed to impress everyone during your next pitch or presentation.

Just remember, practise makes perfect!