Mobile yard ramps are one of the most helpful tools that will keep your business’s product moving efficiently and freely through the doors of the dock. By having flexibility in both usage and placement, they vastly improve the speed in which the trucks can be off-loaded and loaded. However, along with all of their magnificent benefits, these mobile yard ramps also come with safety issues for both the shipments and the employees. Any accident that occurs on the ramp could dramatically slow operations or worse, bring the production to a complete stop.

Fortunately, a lot of the mobile yard ramps come equipped with some amazing safety features. Below you will find some of the top safety tips and safety features that you should keep in mind when your business uses a mobile yard ramp.

The Weight Capacity Being Handled

Most of the mobile yard ramps are designed to handle large loads, especially those made from steel. However, even some of the toughest ramps have a weight capacity that must be monitored. Make sure you know the limits of your ramp and don’t exceed that capacity.

The Height Limits Of Your Ramp

Always make sure that you are using your ramp at the suggested height to provide optimal safety to your shipments and your employees. You should never extend the unit past this peak; otherwise it could result in injury.

The Most Important Safety Tips To Keep In Mind About Yard Ramps

Start Using The Handrails

You need to make sure that you are using the built in handrails when there are personnel on the ramp. These should be run down the entire length of the ramp, and are great to use when it comes to balance.

Purpose Of Safety Rails

Safety rails are used to ensure that the forklift doesn’t accidentally fall of the ramp. This could lead to serious injuries or death of the driver.

The Purpose Of Safety Chains

The safety chains located on both sides of the yard ramp will keep it securely attached to the truck that you are unloading or loading from. Always make sure that you check these chains before you begin any work with your mobile yard ramp.

Yard Ramps Need Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and safety inspections are very important not only to ensure that your employees and shipments are safe, but also to extend the life of your portable or mobile yard ramp.

Your Employees Need Proper Training

Before allowing any new workers or employees to work with the yard ramp, you need to make sure that they have proper instruction on how to maintain and operate the unit. You will also want to make sure that each individual that will be using the forklift have the proper certification. While your employees are undergoing training, make sure that you are covering important information such as usage instructions and safety features of the yard ramp.

Always make sure that you should be using good judgement while working with your mobile yard ramp. Using common sense will keep each of your employees safe, while also ensuring that your work runs smoothly. When you follow these important safety tips you will avoid all mistakes and dangerous conditions in the workplace.

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