Most of local and traditional companies and organizations are turning to be digital. With the age of internet and advancement in technology, majority of people all around the world love to buy products, read out reviews and products description from online websites. Trend of buying products online is increasing day by day. Any company or organization is considered ineffective without proper websites and effective advertisement.

Media play a great and key role in promoting the services and products of small as well as large business. Selecting the best media is a great challenge. Marketing strategy through billboards, ads in newspapers, commercial on television of creating a video for social sites is an expensive asset for both private and public organizations. So it is essential to select the best media for your marketing strategy.

Top Tips Of Media Analysis

For great success, it is important for small as well large and private and well as public companies and organizations to stay well informed. With coverage of web media, market of local traditional print media, television channels, radio, newspapers, and social media, you can exactly find that what thing is best and effective for you and your organizations.

Latest news of print media, radio, television and social media help you stay informed about latest technological news and trends. Now a day progress and success of any organization greatly depends upon the quality of technological devices that it uses. Proper and effective media analyses help you to get an idea about organization latest communications networks and much more.

A proper media analysis and monitoring may help the firm to determine that what is positive and what is negative about the brand, and organization itself. It also helps businesses and enterprises to track publically campaigns and find out level of social trends and obtain information that how people and media networks are responding to your products.

The prominence of firm, enterprises or businesses greatly depends upon the various factors including quality and quantity of media coverage, extent of coverage, type of media, story size, length, share of voice, audience share, media circulation, placement, use of visuals, story treatment and many more.

Media Type

It includes the type of media that you select for your business. Selecting a best and effective media is great challenge. Media types include television, radio, websites, social media, newspapers, community newspapers, blogs, magazines, business publications and many more. Social sites are considered best and cost effective tool of product promotions especially for small scale business.

Story Size or Length

If it is in form of written content, then mention lines and pages. If it is in form of video or audio then minutes are count. Video is considering best tool of promoting products and services.


Placement also matters a lot. It is necessary to check that where story is place, at front page o back page. In Broadcast, it is necessary to check that when story is broadcasted.

All these factors and many more plays key role in success of your business. Proper Media Analysis is necessary in ordered to stay informed with latest median trends and news.