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Starting Your Own Microbusiness

Microbusinesses are increasingly common, fueled in a large part by the steady customer base of sites like Etsy and the rebirth of the crafting movement. But, whether you want to set up a résumé business or a necklace shop, the beginning steps are basically the same. 1.

What Does A Health Advocate Do?

Whether you own your own business, are a manager in a business, or are a solo entrepreneur, you may want to consider hiring a health advocate. This type of professional, also known as a patient advocate or health care advocate, can help you with your business, in

Trademark Attorney: Helps Protect Your Intellectual Property

A trademark is a symbol or word that proves legal registration. On the other hand, intellectual property includes names, literary works, images, inventions, designs, symbols, and artistic work being used in trade. A trademark makes your business distinct from the rest. It is actually beneficial for business

How To Sell Your Business

That thought alone could also be enough to stay you up in the dead of night after you decide it’s time to profit on your years of exertions — as if there isn’t enough pressure related to each step of the sale of a business. however there’s

Coming in 2020: Cars That Drive Themselves

The ever-advancing and rapidly occurring innovations of technology keep bringing thrill, pleasure and convenience to the common citizen and especially more so to the itching entrepreneurs. The latest news is about what is on store for the automobile world by the year 2020 – cars that may

Attorney General Of New York Filed A Suit Against Mr. Trump and His University

In the words of Cohen, the attorney general was annoyed as he came to realize that Mr. Trump along with his several companies have done a lot for him especially regarding fundraising. He further added that the whole process of investigation is politically convinced, which in turn