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Criminal Justice System: Have They Really Failed Us?

As it seems that when most people are angered by the Criminal Justice system few fail to see that it is the decisions of the people who make it function. It is our first amendment and constitutional right to petition the government when we feel it is

Young Leaders: 7 Things You Need To Know

Young leaders can grow up to become good leaders if they are well trained and nurtured. This article will highlight 7 things that young leaders should know as they grow up to become successful leaders. The following are the 7 must-know tips for young leaders: 1. Note

Several Political Leaders Of Canada Confess Their Past Habit Of Smoking

Reliable sources informed that recently Canadians are getting more information regarding the drug habits of their politicians especially on past marijuana usage. However, experts are of the opinion that the matter did not by any means indicate that personal lives of the elected officials are fair game

The question of more money being unleashed into politics

When the Supreme Courts resumes next session, one of the 1st cases it will consider is whether to allow more money into the United States political system. For many people, this may appear like a joke, bearing in mind the fact that over $6 billion was pumped