Printing has long been practiced since the early nineteenth century and even today it is an integral part of business. Since then till now printing technology has seen immense development and advancements and today images can be printed on objects within seconds. Today, hot stamping is the most popular method of printing and is favored among many due the benefits of its own. You can know more about hot printing from along with the various products, tools and techniques of it so that you can take an informed decision when you have to decide which type of printing is best suited for your product.

About The Method

Hot printing is an entirely dry method of printing in which pre-dried ink and foils are used for creating an impression. The colors from the foil are transferred from the foil surface to the substrate at high temperature and giving high pressure for a required amount of time. The method is entirely non-polluting and there are variety of processes and colors that are used for hot printing. These methods is widely used on paper and plastic and is a common process of printing as far as security printing is concerned on specific products like credit and debit card codes concealing, scratch cards and much more.

Understand The Process And Tools Of Hot Printing

The Process Followed

The basic principle of hot stamping is to transfer an image with the help of heat, pressure and time. There is a die or a type and also loose letters which are prepared in accordance with the image to be printed. This die or print head is heated after it is mounted and the product on which the image is to be printed placed underneath. There is a foil or a ribbon which carries a metallized or painted roll and this is inserted in between the die and the substrate. When pressed under heat, the paint in the foil melts and the impression is created on the stuff. As the whole process is done by using dry paint, it is non-polluting, less messy and quick.

About The Tools Used

The tools that are used in dry stamping are the foil and the die. These dies can be made of silicone rubber or from metals like aluminum, hardened steel or brass. The dies can be casted with the metals or can also be shaped directly from the metal. There are different kinds of foils also which has several layers to carry and hold the paint. You can log in to to know more about different kind of metallic and non-metallic foils and their features.