Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron chose to keep away from United States’ decision of attacking Syria. In a vote held in the British Parliament, the 285 vote against 272 ruled out any possibility of military intervention by the United Kingdom. The PM said in an interview that he would act in accordance to the motion passed by the parliament.

The US claimed that the chemical attack of Aug 21, which victimized hundreds of people in the northern region of Damascus, has Bashar Assad as its prime suspect. Around 435 members send a letter to Obama to take congressional action in Syria. Josh Earnest, White House Spokesman commented that the prime duty of the President is to protect the national security in the United States.

United Nations Divided In Their Opinion About Assad’s Chemical Attack On SyriaNo conclusion is reached by the United Nations Security Council on Thursday. Within less than an hour for the second time, the members walked out, leaving the situation unresolved. The Russian Federation urged that no action would take place without UN approval. Besides Iran would support Russia in its effort to prevent any attack.

Defense secretary of United Kingdom Philip Hammond suspected that the Labor Party is giving full support to President Bashar Assad. The Labor Party in a counter attack said that it wants evidence of Assad guilt in the chemical attack before it can support Cameroon. Leader Ed Multiband said that there might not be any basis of the accusation after all. Many times in the past countries like, Iraq were accused of using weapons, only to be falsified at the end. Joint Intelligence Committee of Britain in their investigation reported that it is unlikely that the current regime is accountable to attack. Of course, it can wage war against Syria without the support of the Parliament, but after 2003, there has been a pressure on the government to seek the approval of the parliament before taking any drastic step. Accordingly, The David Cameron government declined to take any military action without the Parliamentary approval. It declared that action would be taken after the United Nations present their report regarding their findings, on Thursday.

The President of America wants to consult with the Congress prior to any military intrusion in Syria. This may further extend to private meeting between Obama and the House speaker, R-Ohio or a conference assembly among the administration officials.

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran allied with the Russian force to stop any attack on Syria. He said that Iran is against any kind of open violation of international law. The Syrian government has sent letter to the British government requesting for negotiation rather than initiating a flood of blood. The letter also appealed the British Parliament to send a delegation to the Mideast nations to seek help and support.

The Associated Press reported that unlike the previous time the United States does not have the same stand that the current Assad regime has made use of the chemical weapons nor does it has any evidence of the whereabouts of the chemical weapons.