All janitors and custodians understand the importance of carpet drying times. This area needs to be put back into service as quickly as possible, and there are safety issues as well. There are falling hazards involved, walking from a damp carpet onto hard surfaces. Even with safety signs put in place, there is still a possibility someone may not be paying attention and fall. When a janitor uses an air mover after carpet cleaning, drying time is increased significantly.

Why All Janitors and Custodians Need An Air Mover

Improved Air Quality

Longer it takes for carpets or hard flooring to dry, less time microbes have to grow. When bacteria is allowed to grow on any surface, including wet floors, it is released into the air we breathe. Breathing in this type of air can be dangerous, causing allergies to worsen, or possible repertory infections. If a floor dryer is used immediately after cleaning a hard surface or carpet, air quality is cleaner than letting them area air dry.

Floors Finished Quickly

Janitors are capable of receiving results of the highest quality when they use an air mover to assist with drying floors. Their employers are satisfied because the less time that is needed to be spent on floor maintenance. After the floor dryer quickly does its job, a janitor is able to lay a professional finish on the floor and have them ready to walk over in a short period of time. These floors are left with a sparkling shine because how fast and evenly an air mover allowed them to dry.

An air mover is capable of drying anything that may be up wet or damp at any place of business. They work better than fans, and are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

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